Are Milk Duds Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free? Candy Chocolate

Vegans keep wondering, “Are Milk Duds Vegan, Gluten Free, or Dairy Free?” since is one of the best-selling candies among all age categories. which means that it has big fans

According to Milk Duds’ official website, they are made using the following ingredients:

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, vegetable oil (cocoa butter, palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oil), nonfat milk, dextrose, chocolate, brown sugar, whey (milk), mono and diglycerides, sodium bicarbonate, milk fat, salt, resinous glaze, soy lecithin, tapioca dextrin, vanillin, artificial flavor.

Are Milk Duds Vegan? Here’s The Answer

The Answer without Further Ado is NO. Milk Duds Contain varied derived animal ingredients starting from Milk that is extracted from cows, and Mono-and-Diglycerides ingredients that are commonly extracted from meat or pork, Also it contains Resinous Glaze that is extracted from shellac.

Are Milk Duds Dairy-Free?

Unfortunately, milk Duds contain dairy products including Whey, milk fat, and nonfat milk. Additionally, they are produced in a facility that handles milk and its derivatives.

So, Milk Duds are unsuitable for those who have dairy or milk sensitivity.

Are Milk Duds Gluten-Free?

According to Hershey’s Brand, Milk Duds are tested and certified gluten Free. Additionally is not made in a facility that handles gluten-containing ingredients. Making them a good option for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity suffers.

Final thought

indeed, Milk Duds is not vegan or Dairy free. but is a great alternative to gluten free candies.


  1. Do Milk Duds Have Gelatin?

    No, Milk Duds do not have gelatin as you above it is made using other derived animal ingredients

  2. Do Milk Duds Have Pork?

    Milk Duds contain Mono and Diglycerides that may almost be sourced from beef and/or Pork.


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