Are Milk Duds Halal or Haram? Fully Explained

Muslims have the right to have their favorite candy, the addicted to Milk Duds keep wondering “Are Milk Duds Halal or Haram?” owing to the fact that is one of the favorite brands of chocolate-coated candies produced by The Hershey Company.

So, this article will be your guide to identifying whether Milk Duds is halal or not. Let’s find out

Are Milk Duds Halal? Here’s The Answer

Unfortunately, Milk Duds is Not Halal. it contains different derived animal ingredients that are sourced from animals that are not allowed to be consumed on a halal diet such as “mono and diglycerides” which can be sourced from animal fats (Pigs Fats). Also, Milk Duds contain an alcoholic ingredient which is “resinous glaze”, it’s a mixture of different kinds of food-grade shellac dissolved in alcohol

According to Healthline Mono- and diglycerides derived from animal fats like pork or beef may also be something people with religious dietary restrictions want to stay away from.

Final Thought

So, as a Muslim, you need to avoid Milk Duds that are not suitable for you because they are made based on an alcoholic ingredient resinous glaze, and mono and diglycerides ingredients that may be sourced from beef or pork.


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