Are Middleswarth chips Vegan?

Ira Middleswarth & Son, Inc., also known as Middleswarth Potato Chips, is an American maker of potato chips [1]. But as a vegan can I consume this snack? Are Middleswarth chips vegan?

How did Middleswarth come? Bob Middleswarth established Ira Middleswarth & Son, Inc. in 1942. In the same year, the business started making potato chips with a single machine in a modest two-room structure on the Middleswarth family’s Beavertown, Snyder County, Pennsylvania land. The business moved to a bigger site in 1959. With the assistance of its 20 employees, the business started generating more than 300 pounds of chips per hour in the same year. When Bob Middleswarth was named president in 1961, they relocated once more to their current location in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. After Bob retired in 2002 and passed away, his son David Middleswarth took over as president of the business. [2]

Middleswarth potato chip flavors:

  • Regular
  • Bar-B-Q
  • Sour cream & onion
  • Sea salt & vinegar
  • Jalapeno
  • Kettle cooked
  • Kettle cooked Bar-B-Q
  • Kettle cooked Sour cream & onion
  • Unsalted

Are Middleswarth Chips Vegan?

NO, Middleswarth Chips Are not vegan Friendly, All Favors are not Suitable for vegans including Middleswarth Bar-B-Q, Sour cream & onion, Sea salt & vinegar, Jalapeno, Kettle Cooked, Regular, Unsalted, Kettle Cooked Bar-B-Q, and Kettle Cooked sour cream & onion. They contain Citric Acid, Dextrose, Milk, Shortening, Whey, and Natural Flavors.

Non-vegan Ingredients

Citric acid – is an emulsifier that comes from glycerin and glycerol and may contain animal fat.

Dextrose – is occasionally made from animal fluids and tissues. Verify the label to see if it is plant-based.

Milk – If it comes from an animal, it is not vegan. Verify the components.

Shortening – the majority are made from butter, suet, and/or lard and are animal-based.

Whey – is the liquid portion of milk that is left over after curds have formed.

lactic acid – includes vegetables like beets. Blood and muscle tissue contain animal-derived substances.

The enzyme – found in the stomachs and tongue glands of calves and lambs is called lipase. may come from yeast, fungi, or plants.

Natural – Ingredients are derived directly from plants or animals rather than being synthetic or manufactured.

Are Middleswarth Chips vegetarian?

No, All Flavors of Middleswarth Potato chips are not vegetarian, since they include ingredients that may be sourced from meat and fat animals. which is shortening

Shortening technically includes butter, margarine, and lard as well as any sort of solid fat that is present at room temperature. Vegetable oils like soybean, cottonseed, or palm oil are used to make the majority of shortening that is now on the market. Shortening can also be manufactured from animal fat.

Are Middleswarth Chips Gluten-free?

Unfortunately, Middleswarth Chips contain Wheat and Seasoning. Which makes them not gluten-free. So, if you are allergic to gluten just try to avoid these potato chips.

Wheat – Gluten is present in wheat. If gluten-free is not listed on the label, look at the ingredients.

Seasoning: Some seasonings have gluten in them.


If you read this article, you probably wonder if Middleswarth is vegan Friendly, Vegetarian, or Gluten Free. But No, Middleswarth are not vegan, have gluten, not vegetarian