Are Lindt Chocolate Bunnies Gluten Free?

Lindt chocolate bunnies have become a holiday staple for many households. However, for those with gluten sensitivity or intolerance, it’s important to know whether Lindt chocolate bunnies are gluten-free.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the ingredients in Lindt chocolate bunnies and answer the question of whether they’re safe for those with gluten sensitivity.

About Lindt Chocolate Bunnies and Its Ingredients

Lindt chocolate bunnies are a popular Easter candy made by LindtThese chocolate bunnies are typically made from:

Milk chocolate Sugar, Cocoa Butter, whole MILK powder, Cocoa Mass, LACTOSE, skimmed MILK powder, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), BARLEY Malt Extract, Flavoring Vanillin Milk chocolate.

Are Lindt Chocolate Bunnies Gluten Free?

Unfortunately, Lindt Chocolate cannot be considered gluten-free certified as it contains a gluten derivative known as Barley Malt Extract. This ingredient makes the chocolate unsafe for people with gluten sensitivity or intolerance. As a result, the answer to whether Lindt Chocolate is gluten-free is NO.

Final Thought

In conclusion, while Lindt chocolate bunnies may be a delicious Easter treat for many, they are not safe for those with gluten sensitivity or intolerance due to the presence of Barley Malt Extract.

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