Are Lifesavers Halal? Fully Explained

Are Lifesavers Halal? This a frequently asked question since Lifesavers are listed among their favorite American brands of ring-shaped hard and soft candy among candies brand.

Its range of mints, Gummies, and Hard Candy is well-known for the great taste that they have that a lot of Muslims ask if they fit the halal diet cause of the irresistible taste.

So, This article will be your guide to identifying which Lifesavers flavors are Halal. Also will cover three varieties of flavors which are

Are Lifesavers Halal?

Are Lifesavers Halal? Lifesavers Offer two Halal options Mints and Hard Candy; those flavors are made without using any Haram ingredients or even any derived animal ingredients which makes them suitable for the Halal diet and For Muslims.

The other flavor option which is Gummies contain pork byproduct which is gelatin. So, Lifesavers Mints and Hard Candy are Halal, but lifesavers Gummies are not Halal.

Final Thought

Are Lifesavers Halal? The answer without further ado is that life savers offer two Halal option which are Mints and Hard Candy


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