Are Jolly Rancher Chews Halal? Lollipops and Gummies – Other Varieties Covered

Jolly Ranchers have been popular for many years and are still the best-selling candy worldwide. Unfortunately, many don’t know these candies have hidden ingredients unsuitable for Muslims.

If you’re reading this blog post. You decided to see if your favorite Jolly Rancher Chews, Lollipops, and Gummies that you enjoy are suitable for Muslims or not. So, Read on to find out!

This article will also answer whether other Jolly Rancher varieties are halal, including Hard Candy, Bites, Popsicles, Candy Canes, and Jelly Hearts.

About Jolly Rancher Chews, Lollipops, Gummies and Their ingredients

Jolly Ranchers are hard candies with various flavors, such as watermelon, apple, blue raspberry, and more. This brand was created in 1949 by the Jolly Rancher Company, But now it is owned by The Hershey Company.

Jolly Rancher candies are made using doubtable ingredients derived from haram sources, such as K-Gelatin and Confectioner’s Glaze.

K-Gelatin is almost derived from the collagen in pork skin and bones. But the one that Jolly Ranchers use to make these candies is derived from beef and pork industries which are prohibited in Islam.

Confectioner’s Glaze is derived from a lac bug. We know Muslims can’t consume insects and their derivatives. It even is marketed as a purified clear and shiny coating but is not considered halal.

But, if it is derived from the leaves of the Brazilian palm tree, it is plant-based, so, in that case, it will be halal (called carnauba wax).

Are Jolly Rancher Chews, Lollipops, and Gummies Halal? Here’s the answer

The answer is YES & NO. Jolly Ranchers Chews, Jelly Hearts, and Filled Pops are not Halal. They are made using K-gelatin and Confectioner’s Glaze. as explained in the section “About” above, this gelatin is derived from beef & Pork.

SoThe varieties of Jolly Ranchers considered Haram (unsuitable for Muslims). include

  • Chews
  • Jelly Hearts
  • Filled Pops 

The other varieties are Halal, including 

  • Gummies
  • Lollipops
  • Hard Candy
  • Bites
  • Popsicles
  • Candy Canes
  • Bites
  • Bars
  • Candy assortment

Final Thought

Indeed, Jolly Rancher Chew offers large suitable varieties & other are unsuitable for Muslims since it contains K-gelatin.

This is a table to recap.

Jolly Rancher Hard CandyHalal
Jolly Rancher LollipopsHalal
Jolly Rancher ChewsGelatin Or K-GelatinHaram
Jolly Rancher BitesGenerally Recognised As Halal  The Glyceryl Monostearate Is Made Based on PlantHalal
Jolly Rancher PopsiclesHalal
Jolly Rancher Jelly BeansGlycerin Is Made From Vegetable Oil As Smartlabel ConfirmedHalal
Jolly Rancher StixHalal
Jolly Rancher Candy CanesGlycerin Is Made From Vegetable Oil As Smartlabel ConfirmedHalal
Jolly Rancher Ice CreamHalal
Jolly Rancher Jelly HeartsConfectioner’s Glaze Sourced From InsectHaram
Jolly Rancher Filled PopsGelatin Or K-GelatinHaram
Jolly Rancher BarsHalal
Bubble Yum Jolly RancherHalal
Jolly Rancher Candy AssortmentHalal
Jolly Rancher GummiesHalal


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