Are Eggs Vegan Friendly? [UPDATED]

Are Eggs Vegan? If you’re new to the vegan society you may look for quick answer eggs are not vegan since they are derived from animals. For more detail keep reading!

I get this question quite often because people think that meat is the only food that should vegan avoid But NO. In this article, I will examine one of the other food that should vegans avoid too we’re talking about Eggs

What Is Egg?

The egg is an organic vessel generated by an animal to transport a potentially fertilized egg cell (a zygote) and incubate an embryo within the egg until the embryo develops into an animal fetus capable of survival on its own, at which point the animal hatches.

Are Eggs Vegan Friendly? Why?

Are Eggs Vegan? Eggs are an animal byproduct and are not vegan Friendly because they are sourced from hens. you may wonder why is not vegan.

There are reasons why! the statistics said that over 50 billion hens or better said poultry are killed each year. duo to suffering from eggs products, also for producing meat

Are egg whites vegan?

Are egg whites vegan? egg whites have the same vegan status as the entire Egg, are not vegan. So, vegans can not consume any byproduct sourced from poultry whether white or yellow.


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