Are Cheetos Halal? Fully Explained

In this article we will answer “Are Cheetos Halal?” or “Are Cheetos haram?” those are frequently asked questions since Cheetos is one of the famous crunchy corn puff snacks worldwide. Crunchy, Puffs, Popcorn, Mac N Cheese, Flamin Hot, Fantastix, Simply, and Baked are made-based cheeses that give them a cheesy taste.

The majority of haram products contain haram ingredients such as alcohol, pork or pigs, and some insects. which led us to ask “Do Cheetos got pork in them?” Cheetos do not list gelatin Pork or Pigs among the ingredients list, and this is tricky. According to many sources Cheetos contain hidden gelatin which is animal sourced.

Are Cheetos halal?

Is Cheetos Halal? Unfortunately, All Cheetos cheese-flavored crisps are made using cheese which contains a questionable ingredient “hidden gelatin”. The cheeses in the seasoning are made with animal enzymes that are extracted surely from pork. So, Muslims need to avoid All Cheetos Flavors since they contain Pork and are made in a factory that handles pork.

Are Flamin Cheetos halal?

According to Cheetos, Flamin Cheetos has the same status as other Cheetos flavors, which means that is Haram since is made using enzymes used to make Cheese seasoning.

Final Thought

Cheese seasoning used to flavor the Cheetos are made with enzymes that are made using gelatin pork which makes all Cheetos flavors haram. Also Flamin Cheetos haram.


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