Are Brain Lickers Halal & Vegan? Sour Candy Liquid

Many parents take extra care when it comes to their children’s health and lifestyle, including monitoring their consumption of candies. One product that raises concern among both children and adults is Brain Lickers, a well-known and beloved sour candy liquid.

In this article, I will help vegans and Muslims determine whether they can consume this product or should avoid it. Let’s find out.

About Brain Lickers & Their Ingredients

Brain Licker is a popular confectionery in the United Kingdom that children and adults love. Manufactured by Key Enterprises, this sour liquid candy comes in a small bottle that is plugged with a rollerball applicator.

These beloved candies are made using: Glucose-fructose syrup, water, acidifiers (citric acid, lactic acid, and malic acid), artificial flavorings, and artificial and natural colors (E133, E150d, and E163). It also contains preservatives (E202 and E211).

Are Brain Lickers Vegan?

The answer is yes! Brain Lickers are free from animal-derived ingredients. All the ingredients used are plant-based or synthetically made, making them a great option for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Are Brain Lickers Halal?

The answer is YES. Brain Lickers are a great option for Muslims! They’re made of halal ingredients and are completely free from animal-derived or forbidden ingredients such as pork, alcohol, or insect. This means they’re suitable for anyone looking for halal sweets. – Allah Aalam

Final Thought

Indeed, Brain Lickers are halal and vegan-friendly.

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