Are Big Chewy Nerds Halal, Vegan & Gluten Free?

Whether you’re vegan or Muslim and looking for an answer to Big Chewy Nerds’ dietary status, you’re in the right corner. I decided to write this short article because these candies are best-selling worldwide.

I will examine their ingredients in this article and answer our main question. So, let’s Dive in!

About Big Chewy Nerds and Its Ingredients

Big Chewy Nerds are a candy brand for Nerds produced and sold in the United States by Sunmak Corporation under the name of Wonka Nerda Candy brand. It offers many flavors, including Orange, lemon, strawberry, and grape pack-a-punch.

According to the Nerds Candy Website. It is made with the following ingredients:

Are Big Chewy Nerds Halal?

The answer is NO, according to Wonka Nerds. Big Chewy Nerds doesn’t contain Carmine or gelatin. But contain natural red coloring that is extracted from crushed insects.

So, there are not suitable for Muslims or a halal diet

Are Big Chewy Nerds Vegan?

The answer is NO. Big Chewy Nerds contain many animal ingredients that can be derived from Animals, including Red coloring & sugar. Additionally, it is made in the same facility that handles egg ingredients, which means it may cross-contaminate them. Therefore are not vegan-certified.

Are Big Chewy Nerds Gluten Free?

Unfortunately, Big Chewy Nerds are made using corn starch based on wheat. This means they are not gluten-free and unsuitable for those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.


Big Chewy Nerds are not halal or vegan-friendly because they contain natural red coloring extracted from crushed insects and animal-derived ingredients such as sugar. Additionally, they are not gluten-free as they are made with corn starch based on wheat.

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