Are Airhead Xtremes Vegan, Halal, Vegetarian, Gluten Free?

Are Airhead Xtremes Vegan? I get quite often this question since Airhead Xtremes are one of the popular taffy types of candy invented in the United States.

In addition, I’ll go into detail about other relevant to airheads extreme flavors whether are vegan or not. Also, I will discuss in detail other related questions such as Is It Vegetarian, Gluten-free & Halal status?

Without further ado let’s start by listing Airhead Xtremes flavors:

  • Airheads Xtremes Belts
  • Airheads Xtremes Bites
  • Airheads Xtremes Sourflus

Are Airhead Xtremes Vegan? Explained

Are Airhead Xtremes Vegan? The answer is Airheads Xtreme Belts are vegan friendly since they don’t contain any derived animals ingredients, unlike Airheads Xtreme Bites & Airheads Xtreme Sourflus which contain derived animal ingredients “Gelatin & Carmine” which make them unsuitable for vegans.

Find below a table that will fit your needs If you need a Quick answer, Airhead Xtremes is it vegan?

Varieties & FlavorsIs It Vegan?Non-vegan Ingredient
Airheads Xtremes BeltsYES
Airheads Xtremes BitesNOGelatin
Airheads Xtremes SourflusNOCarmine

Are Airhead Xtremes Halal?

The answer: Airheads Xtremes Belts & Airheads Xtremes Sourflus are halal since they have only halal components (Haram ingredients don’t exist). There is one variety that isn’t fit a vegan diet which is Airheads Xtremes Bites is consist of “Gelatin” which is sourced from Pork & Pigs.

So, as a Muslim, you need to avoid Airheads Xtremes Bites variety as listed Below. Here’s a quick table to master it.

Varieties & FlavorsIs It Halal?Non-Halal Ingredient
Airheads Xtremes BeltsYES
Airheads Xtremes BitesNOGelatin
Airheads Xtremes SourflusYES

Are Airheads Xtremes Gluten Free?

Unfortunately, all flavors of Airheads Xtremes Contain wheat, as we all know it’s a high gluten ingredient. Airheads confirmed that their products can’t serve people allergic to gluten.

Indeed, All Airheads Xtremes flavors are unsuitable & unsafe for people that are following a Gluten-free diet.

Here’s another quick table that explains whether Airheads Xtremes are Gluten-free or not.

Varieties & FlavorsIs It Gluten Free?Non-Halal Ingredient
Airheads Xtremes BeltsNOWheat
Airheads Xtremes BitesNOWheat
Airheads Xtremes SourflusNOWheat

Are Airheads Xtremes Vegetarian?

Airheads Xtremes Bites are not vegetarian since they contain Gelatin (meat by-products), The other Varieties Belts & Sourflus are vegetarians friendly since they don’t consist of any meat by-product. Which makes them suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Here’s another quick table explaining whether Airheads Xtremes are vegetarians or not

Varieties & FlavorsIs It Vegetarian?Non-vegetarian Ingredient
Airheads Xtreme BeltsYES
Airheads Xtreme BitesNOGelatin
Airheads Xtreme SourflusYES


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